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Burr Fur was created from the mundane and lack of individuality that a ski helmet offered. My mom always complained about how awful she looked in a ski helmet. The idea of putting fur on a helmet came to me when I saw my mom wearing a fur hat. I wanted to create multiple combinations of fur colors and covers. I loved how each combination of fur cover represented a different personality. We decided to make it even more fun by adding a bold accessory, with a long ponytail! This was such a fun idea that people where coming up to us wanting to know where they could get a stylish ski helmet cover too. Everyone wanted to join us in having fun on the ski slopes, while still having style.  I was astonished to retrieve so much positive feedback and compliments on the helmet covers that I decided to create this website.
I am currently a high school student and continue to make stylish helmet coverers. It is amazing to know that people all over New England (and beyond!)  are wearing these helmet covers!
Please share your photos with us and find us on Instagram at Burrfur